Thursday, November 17, 2011

1 Migration Login between SQL Servers

MSFT does not ship the store procedure to move the logins from one SQL Server instance to another. However, the steps has been describe in the KB 918992 here

The store procedure is call sp_help_revlogin.

The steps describes in the KB article will create 2 store procedure. sp_hexadecimal and sp_help_revlogin.

sp_hexadecimal is used to convert numeric value to hexadecimal. It is called inside sp_help_revlogin.

Here is the result what it will looks like after you run the store procedure.


Richard Fryar has wrote the powershell script to achieve the similar purpose. You can find here

Personally, I have not use any of above procedure myself. The environment I work with has already have similar script in place.



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