Wednesday, April 11, 2012

3 Oracle VM: Jump Start with Oracle

Hands on Oracle in 20 Minutes… ( Of Course, does not including the time you spend on downloading … )

1.  Download and Install Oracle Virtual box

2. Download the pre build Oracle VM image:  Oracle_Developer_Days.ova from

Here are the installation document with screenshot from oracle: 

3. Import the VM base on the instruction from above link


4. Star up the VM:  User name and Password both are oracle


5. start the Enterprise manager

emctl start dbconsole

The EM can be access from

What I like to do next is to access EM from my host OS ( Win7 ) and use Oracle Developer 3.2 access from Win7.

In order to achieve, I have set the Virtual Box network card as Host Only adapter. This way I can access the Oracle via


6. Connect from Oracle SQL Developer

  • User Name: system
  • Password: oracle
  • SID: orcl




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