Sunday, October 21, 2012

3 ORA-00384 insufficient memory to grow cache

When change the cache size, I get the ORA-00384 insufficient memory to grow cache


This error happens when you try to set the memory size over the SGA limit.

Check the current SGA size
IceRocket Tags: ,

select * from v$sgainfo;
show parameter sga


The SGA_TARGET can not exceed of the total Fixed SGA Size, Redo Buffers, Buffer cache size, shared Pool size, Large Pool size, Java Pool size and stream pool size.

To remedy the issue, since there are free memory left (SGA_MAX_SIZE – SGA_TARGET) or the “Free SGA Memory Available”, simply by increasing the SGA_TARGET can fixed the issue.


We can use below query to monitor the dynamic components size inside the SGA.

COLUMN component FORMAT A24
SELECT  component, current_size, min_size, max_size,user_specified_size FROM v$sga_dynamic_components;



Q: Even I add up all the SGA memory, but seems to not yet match up the SGA_TARGET

my SGA_TARGET is 500MB, the sum of the SGA in below screenshot only shows up 493MB. Not sure what am I missing ?




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