Sunday, October 21, 2012

4 Oracle Parameters

Below query can show the oracle hidden parameters , I got the query from the book here

This query also show the hidden parameter start with _, don’t change it unless it is direct by the oracle support or you know what you are doing…

select x.ksppinm name, y.ksppstvl value, y.ksppstdf isdefault, decode( bitand(y.ksppstvf,7),1, 'MODIFED',4, 'SYSTEM_MOD','FALSE') ismod, 
decode( bitand(y.ksppstvf,2),2, 'TRUE','FALSE') isadj
from sys.x$ksppi x, sys.x$ksppcv y
where x.inst_id= userenv('Instance')
and y.inst_id=  userenv('Instance')
and x.indx= y.indx
order by translate(x.ksppinm,'_',' ');



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