Monday, November 19, 2012

1 Simulate the SQL Server IO operation on the IO Subsystem

In previous post “IO Subsystem load testing”, I test several tools for testing the IO Subsystem. However, those tools are either testing the IO through the sequence/random and perform them through various block size. They are not design specific for simulate the SQL IO operation.

SQLIOSlim is the tool from MSFT for perform the IO testing for simulate how SQL Server interact with IO subsystem.  SQLIOSim is NOT the performance tuning tool. It is the tool let us know how the SQL Server interact with the IO Subsystem without having the SQL Server install.

You can download the SQLIOSim from here.

Start the SQLIOSim from sqliosim.exe

Configure the database file. mdx file is for the database file ( Mdf). ifx file is for the log file ( ldf), you can change the size from the screen. DO NOT use the same name/path with your existing SQL Server data file. The SQLIOSim would perform the SQL Server like IO operation on those files. If you use the existing file, it would cause your database corruption.


Click Start image


After it complete, it would generate the sqliosim.xml and errorlog.xslt. We can use IE to open the file


Use sqliosimparser to parse the output

The parser can be download from here.



SQLIOSim command line

SQLIOSim has the command line mode. We have to provide the configure file in order for it to run. The configure file can be created by using GUI or has some example for the configure file.





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