Monday, November 12, 2012

1 Synergy

I often use more than one computer at a time and has multiple screens. Synergy is the software to share the mouse and keyboard between multiple computers.

The best part is it cross platform. I can use it across Unix/mac and windows and also copy paste between platform. It is very easy to configure.

What it basically does is, we set up the synergy server, the main computer you like to use keyboard and mouse. On the 2nd or the rest of computers, we set up the Synergy client and specify the server name or ip address.

In below example, the SGC is my main computer where I use have my mouse and keyboard. SGU is the Client.

1.  Set up the server


Click the configure Server.


2. Set up the client


How to resolve the “ERROR: ipc connection error, connection refused synergy

I receive this error while start the synergy service. This error indicate the synergy GUI fail connect to Synergy Windows service.  To resolve this, just start the synergy service. You can do it via command line ( sc) or Service control panel.





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