Thursday, May 23, 2013

2 Teradata Express & Teradata Studio

Teradata offer 2 different ways to try their database platform for the evaluation purpose. Amazon EC2 and the Virtual machine. Since to get the access the Teradata enterprise is very expensive. Using the express edition is the good way to start and for learning purpose.


Teradata Express

Teradata express 14 has 3 different size to download. 4GB, 40GB and 1TB. The size does not indicate it needs that much disk space to start the vm but it is actually the MAX size the database can allow .  For the 1TB version, it tacks about the 35GB disk space for the starter .

Important:  When start the VM, the vmware would ask you “move it” or “copy it”. Make sure only choice “move”



username: root

password: root





Teradata Studio

Teradata Studio is the eclipse base client tool. There are three options for the Teradata studio, Teradata studio express, Teradata studio and Teradata studio eclipse plugin.

I am not the big fan for using the eclipse base on my previous experience with IBM data studio.

The main difference between express version is that the express version lack of the Admin features.

username: dbc

password: dbc








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