Saturday, June 15, 2013

6 IBM Certified Database Associate -- DB2 9 Fundamentals 000-730 Write-up

Today, I took the long over due exam 000-730 for DB2 9 Fundamentals. I was planning to take exam 2 years ago but just like every other thing, one thing after another ,I finally took it today. I pass the exam with 92% pass grade.

Preparation material


Study Note


EXAM fee

I pay $200 for the exam. It is quite expensive, especially considering it is the entry level exam. I just found out the way for saving the exam from this . By paying and passing the assessment, we can get 50% off the exam fee. The assessment itself cost $30 so essentially, we can save $70 . Not bad for the discount.

About EXAM

The exam itself is not complicate. This is entry level exam. Here are some topics I think it is worth to mention.

  • Difference of each isolation level
  • SQL set operator: UNION, UNION ALL …etc
  • Unique constraint and Unique index



Next step

The exam can count toward to DB2 9.7 certification path or DB2 10.1 path. At this point, I haven’t decide which path I am going to do. I have not much experience with DB2 10 so maybe 9.7 is more reasonable choice. Interestingly, IBM does not offer the upgrade from 9.7 to 10.1 . Not sure the reasoning behind that.





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