Wednesday, August 21, 2013

1 Use TPC-H to create large test data sets



Install Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop

Download the TPC-H

Compile the dbgen.exe

Open the tpch.sln from the tpch_2_16_0\tpch_2_15_0\dbgen\ and click the BUILD.


There would be some error, however, the ddlgen.exe still create successfully under Debug folder


However, when I tried to excute the dbgen, I got the error “can not access dists.dss” file.


The file is in the same folder tpch.sln. just copy to the Debug folder.

Another issue is that the bm_utils.c is only read the relevant path of the dists.dss. therefore we have to run the dbgen,exe in the Debug folder.


The data would be created at the same folder.


The ddl schema is in the dss.dll ( is in the same folder tpch.sln.)

Now we can use dbgen to generate the large sample database for testing.


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