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12 Install/configure multiple postgreSQL instances on Centos 7 with systemctl

In this post, I am going to create three postgreSQL instance on the same host. I can not seem to find right twiki for how to do it therefore I create this article  in case if other people may want to do the same.

Install Centos 7






use ip addr to check the networking


Post configuration for Centos 7

# install some package I like to have
yum install perl gcc gpm screen kernel-devel net-tools patch wget
init 6
# install vmware-tools 
mkdir cdrom
mount /dev/cdtom /media/cdrom
tar xvzf /media/cdrom/VMwareTools-9.2.2-893683.tar.gz

I encounter the issue for install the vmware-tools. It seems to be the issue on the VMWare-tools that can not work in the Centos7 but I can not find the solutions. 


Add user : postsqldba and create .screenrc

useradd postsqldba
passwd postsqldba

Login as postsqldba. Here is my .screenrc

# Start message
startup_message off
escape ^Xx
# Set hardstatus always on
caption always "%{=u .d} %-w%<%{=ub .B}%n %t%{=u .d}%+w "
hardstatus alwaysignore
hardstatus alwayslastline "%{= .K} [%l]%<%=%{= .W}@%H %=%{= .y} %Y %M %d(%D) %{= .m} %C %A"
# Set default encoding using utf8
defutf8 on
# Refresh the display when exiting programs
altscreen on
# Dynamic title
shelltitle '$ |bash'
# Disable vbell
vbell off
# Keboard binding
# bind F11 to move to previous window
bindkey -k F1 prev
# bind F12 to move to next window
bindkey -k F2 next
# bind Alt`~= to screen0~12
bindkey "^[`" select 0
bindkey "^[1" select 1
bindkey "^[2" select 2
bindkey "^[3" select 3
bindkey "^[4" select 4
bindkey "^[5" select 5
bindkey "^[6" select 6
bindkey "^[7" select 7
bindkey "^[8" select 8
bindkey "^[9" select 9
bindkey "^[0" select 10
bindkey "^[-" select 11
bindkey "^[=" select 12
# bind F7 to detach screen session (to background)
bindkey -k k7 detach
# bind F8 to kill current screen window
bindkey -k k8 kill
# bind F9 to create a new screen
bindkey -k k9 screen
# bind F10 to rename current screen window
bindkey -k k; title

Install PostgreSQL 9.3

The yum repository does not have the latest postgre 9.3. Therefore we have to manually install from

yum install
yum install postgresql93-server postgresql93-contrib


Post install : initdb

/usr/pgsql-9.3/bin/initdb -D /home/postsqldba/inst1 -U  postsqldba
/usr/pgsql-9.3/bin/initdb -D /home/postsqldba/inst2 -U  postsqldba


Create service file

create /etc/systemd/system/postgresql-*.service for each instance.

.include /lib/systemd/system/postgresql-9.3.service


Register new instance with systemctl

systemctl enable postgresql-inst1
systemctl start postgresql-inst1
systemctl status postgresql-inst1
systemctl enable postgresql-inst2
systemctl start postgresql-inst2
systemctl status postgresql-inst2


Test connectivity


Trouble shooting with systemctl

journalctl -xn


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